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Sell Memberships, Courses, & Files
With our E-commerce module ($39/month) you can create products to sell to your members and non-members alike. Sell courses, downloadable files, books, private coaching and more.
Combined with the following features
Order Tracking
For every product sold, the JournalEngine™ system will generate a notification with all the information regarding the purchase. That notification is automatically sent to you shortly after the purchase is made.
Customer Checkout Page
Each product you create auto-generates a checkout page and a link to that checkout page. Post the link anywhere you wish, and when clicked, leads people to your checkout page to make their purchase.
Automatic Repeat Billing with optional Trial
Choose your currency, decide whether it's a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, and make use of our 'trial' option if you want to offer a free or paid trial to go with your product.
Create an unlimited number of specialized coupons for each product, offering reduced fees and percentge discounts. Customize your own coupon code for each, or let the system generate the codes.

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